Nothing to see here folks.
Q:~Gives you a cup of Sweet Tea~


Sweet! Thank you so much! So refreshing o3o

Ahhhh I thought the poodle was just bein’ an obnoxious animal but this puts things into perspective

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I want to open up request.
But don’t know if my art style would that good.

Do eet!! Literally the worst that can happen is nothing XD

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Q:Oh my god, did you have a sinus lift/bone graft too? I am in constant terror that my teeth are going to flow out of my nose or that i'm going to wake up with solid cow bone resting on my tongue > : (

Eh, not quite. When I got my wisdom teeth removed, they pretty much had to dig all four of them outta my skull. Then they did a sinus closure on one. Nobody gave me any instructions after the operation, but I guess they told my mom to tell me not to sneeze or blow my nose for about two weeks. Still no idea what would’ve happened if I did! Must have spent about a month trying to hold in sneezes. But it’s been six months and everything seems normal. So now I sneeze freely.

Your operation sounds way more intense though, yeesh. Speedy recovery to you! Hopefully no cow bones, as cool as that would be.


Dancing raccoon on your dashboard.

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Omg wtf, this is why I love racoons ♥

Omg wtf, this is why I love racoons ♥

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Budgie Balancing Trick.

the Bird IS

the sAme COLour as



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Curse of the calculator / Vine By: Thomas Sanders
(the best vines on tumblr at

This is me every day ha ha. I can feel the world judging me when I do addition on a calculator.

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Lol, gorillas make best parents

Lol, gorillas make best parents

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